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Driven by innovation and a passion for history, Niloufar Kursun has carved a unique path in the world of interior design. Her practice, Cornermoon, stands for high-quality craftsmanship, contemporary style, and unwavering commitment to timely project delivery.

Niloufar's journey began with a deep fascination for historical buildings. She honed her skills at the Geneva Centre d'Etudes Classiques, followed by a decade of experience at Studio Bach. During this time, she crafted exceptional designs for clients in diverse locations: Geneva, London, Paris, Istanbul, and the South of France.

Her quest for modern expression led her to Decoration 19, where she spent four years weaving magic with textures and materials. Unusual textures and gleaming chrome details became hallmarks of her signature style.

In 2001, Niloufar boldly embarked on a solo venture, opening her own design practice. Today, looking back on nearly three decades of transformative projects, her current work embodies the richness of her creative journey.

More than just a designer, Niloufar cultivates genuine connections with her clients. This collaborative approach, coupled with her intuition for design, leads to dynamic collaborations. She thrives on unexpected requests, seeing them as opportunities to explore new creative frontiers. As she says, "Interpreting an unusual request is a good lesson, because it pushes me into a new arena."

This blend of experience, passion, and collaborative spirit empowers Niloufar to create timeless interiors that reflect the unique stories of her clients.

Our History

1987 – Studio Bach

1997 - Decoration 19

2001 - Founded Cornermoon - CORNERMOON Interior Architecture, Design & Decoration is an interior architecture and design practice based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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